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Working with our community

For organisations

We are grateful for the support we get from local business and organisations

Some ideas for how to get involved!


  • Have a collection box in your office so that staff can easily bring in donations for the food bank. It is really helpful for us to know we have a steady supply of donations throughout the year!

  • Include news about the food bank in your internal newsletters and bulletins

  • Partner with the food bank as a tangible expression of your organisation's corporate social responsibility aims

  • Work with us as your designated Charity of the Year. Encourage your staff to fundraise via a range of activities and come on down to one of our bag-stuffing sessions!

For schools

  • Run a 'Grab a tin, bring it in!' collection in your school and invite pupils to regularly bring in one tin of beans, tomatoes or soup if they can. Ask a volunteer or team of volunteers to drive the donations to the food bank, or get in touch if you need to organise a collection.

  • If your school has a charity committee, get them involved in planning all sorts of different fundraising events for the food bank. We can help with posters, flyers and collection boxes!

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