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Big Food Bank Drop-off 2021

With the support of our friends at Morrisons supermarkets, Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank is organising a day-long Big Food Bank Drop-off on Saturday 30th October at Morrisons Victoria (Girlington) supermarket car park.

At present, we know that benefits are being cut, the furlough has ended, gas and electric are more expensive, food is scarcer and prices rising, and petrol is limited and more costly. Many more people will be reduced to poverty this winter and we need all the support we can get to help vulnerable people through the upcoming months.

Our team of volunteers will be at the Morrisons car park from 9am until 6pm and are inviting people to drop off their food donations to help those across the district who are in need.

Run in partnership with Morrisons, the Big Food Bank Drop-off aims to increase our supplies of dry food in readiness for an anticipated rise in demand as winter approaches.

A huge thank you to our fantastic team of volunteers for their continued time and support.

For the latest news on the Big Food Bank Drop-off, follow us on Twitter @BradMetFoodBank and on Facebook here.

Download and share the poster below:

the big food bank drop-off 2021 (1)
Download PDF • 2.81MB

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