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New 'Mick's Truck' fundraiser in memory of much-missed Food Bank volunteer

Michael Killoran –



1964 (we think)– 2020

A tribute and invitation to contribute to a new fundraising campaign from Mick's fellow volunteer, Joy Leach (thanks for the lovely thought, Joy!).

I feel really sad that the Food Bank was not able to say farewell to a loyal long-term volunteer, Mick who died during the Covid lock-down in the Spring.


I’d like to acknowledge his very practical contribution to the Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank and so, in discussion with members of the Food Bank Committee have set up a fundraising appeal in his name. It’s hoped we can raise £350.00 towards a heavy–duty flatbed truck, a much-needed item. The appeal has the support of Mick’s family and his aunt has generously made the first donation.

For the last 5 years or so, Mick volunteered at the Food Bank as a hands-on helper both at St Mary’s Church & during and after the move to the Resources Centre in Little Germany. As his throat cancer developed over his last 2 years, he spent increasing amounts of time on bag packing. I’d find that even when he was very ill, he was packing at double my speed!

I became very aware of his situation during the 2018 filming of Gentleman Jack sequences in and around Cater Street, a series he took a keen interest in. He waited eagerly for it to be screened.

Latterly he wasn’t able to eat or even to speak and his weight visibly dropped. Ken and Frances gave him considerable support and different members of the volunteer crew offered to source help that could have made the cancer progression more bearable. Instead he chose to concentrate his decreasing amounts of energy, doing what he could to support others. The beneficiaries were the Food Bank recipients.

Mick was a bit of an enigma. Ken spent more time with him than any of us and would take him to visit his mum in Oakenshaw and later to visit his aunt. The photo here was taken by Ken in his flat. He looks cheerful and well.

His birthday was January 17th. I’d like to think we can run the appeal in the lead-up to Christmas, with the aim of having the truck ordered for Jan 17 2021.

If you would like to make a donation towards Mick’s Truck please go to the Donating Page linked to the Food Bank website at

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